Feature comparison of ack, ag, git-grep, GNU grep and ripgrep

Note: ack 3 is currently in beta.

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ack ag git-grep GNU grep rg
Name ack The Silver Searcher git-grep GNU grep ripgrep
Project page https://beyondgrep.com https://geoff.greer.fm/ag/ https://git-scm.com/docs/git-grep https://www.gnu.org/software/grep/ https://github.com/BurntSushi/ripgrep
Language Perl C C C Rust
License Artistic License 2.0 Apache License 2.0 GPL 2 GPL 3 MIT/Unlicense
Regular expressions Native Perl Perl-compatible Choice of three modes: Basic, extended, or Perl-compatible Choice of three modes: Basic, extended, or Perl-compatible (experimental) Non-backtracking, mostly Perl-compatible. See https://docs.rs/regex
Feature ack ag git-grep GNU grep rg
Search where anywhere anywhere git repository by default, or anywhere with --no-index anywhere anywhere
Search git history
Include/exclude files by filetype
Specify filetype by file extension
Specify filetype by pattern match on filename
Specify filetype by pattern match on first line of file
Configuration file System-, user- and project-level System-, user- and project-level
Ignore files based on .gitignore or .ignore files
Parallelism ✔, threads ✔, threads ✔, threads
Deterministic output ✔, using --sort-files ✔, using --sort-files
Match patterns across newlines
Smart case searching
Multiple patterns with boolean expressions
Print lines by number
Show proximity of matches to other matches ✔, in ack 3
Build output for each line based on match groups
Limit length of output lines
Underline matches to show matches w/o color
Search in gzip files
Searching ack ag git-grep GNU grep rg
Ignore case -i --ignore-case
Smart case searching (case-insensitive unless the pattern contains a capital letter) -S --smart-case -S --smart-case -S --smart-case
Re-enable case-sensitive search over case-insensitve or smart-case search -I -s --case-sensitive --no-ignore-case -s --case-sensitive
Match whole words -w --word-regexp
Invert match -v --invert-match
Match entire line only -x --line-regexp -x --line-regexp
Specify pattern explicitly --match -e -e --regexp -e --regexp
Read patterns from a file -f -f --file -f --file
Specify multiple patterns with boolean expressions --and --or --not --all-match
Match patterns across newlines --[no-]multiline
Print specific lines by number --lines
Regular expressions ack ag git-grep GNU grep rg
Use fixed strings, not regular expressions, for a literal match -Q --literal -Q --literal -F --fixed-strings -F --fixed-strings -F --fixed-strings --fixed-regexp -F --fixed-strings
Use basic regular expressions -G --basic-regexp -G --basic-regexp
Use extended regular expressions -E --extended-regexp -E --extended-regexp
Use Perl (or Perl-compatible) regular expressions always -P --perl-regexp -P --perl-regexp (experimental)
Search output ack ag git-grep GNU grep rg
Print only filenames that contain matches -l --files-with-matches
Print only filenames that do not contain matches -L --files-without-match -L --files-without-match -L --files-without-match -L --files-without-match --files-without-match
Show only the part of a line that matched -o -o --only-matching -o --only-matching -o --only-matching
Specify output for each line match --output -r --replace
Print the filename for each match -H --with-filename --[no-]filename -H -H --with-filename -H --with-filename
Suppress the prefixing filename on output -h --no-filename --no-filename -h -h --no-filename --no-filename
Print paths relative to the project top directory --full-name
Prefix the line number to matching lines --[no-]numbers -n --line-number -n --line-number -n --line-number
Suppress line numbers --no-numbers --no-line-number -N --no-line-number
Print a heading of each file's name before its matches --[no-]heading -H --[no-]heading --[no-]heading --[no-]heading
Specify filename to show for matches on STDIN --label
Show the column number of the first match --[no-]column --column --column
Print lines of context after matches -A --after
Print lines of context before matches -B --before
Print lines of context before and after matches -C --context
Show number of lines matching per file -c --count
Print null byte as separator between filenames --print0 -0 --null --print0 -z --null -Z --null -0 --null
Stop searching in each file after NUM matches -m --max-count -m --max-count -m --max-count -m --max-count
Stop searching after one match of any kind -1
Print the byte offset within the file before each line -b --byte-offset -u --unix-byte-offsets
Suppress error messages about nonexistent or unreadable files -s --silent -s --no-messages
Limit length of output lines -W --width -M --max-columns
Do not output matched lines -q --quiet -q --quiet --silent -q --quiet
Print stats (files scanned, time taken, etc.) --stats --stats-only
File presentation ack ag git-grep GNU grep rg
Enable color output --color
Underline matches --underline
Set colors for various output items --color-match --color-filename --color-lineno --color-colno --color-match --color-path --color-line-number Specified in the .gitconfig file Specified in GREP_COLORS environment variable --colors
Pipe output through a pager or other command --[no-]pager -O --open-files-in-pager
Separate match output with blank lines unless they are on adjacent lines --[no-]proximate
Group together all matches in a file --[no-]group --[no-]group
Specify group separator --[no-]group-separator
Show the function name of the match -p --show-function
Show the function in which a match was found -W --function-context
Print a break between results from different files --[no-]break --[no-]break
Flush output on every line --flush --line-buffered
File finding ack ag git-grep GNU grep rg
Only print the files selected, without searching -f --files
Show which types each file has --show-types
List searchable files that match a pattern -g -g
Read the list of files to search from FILE --files-from
Sort the found files lexically --sort-files --sort-files
Read the list of files to search from STDIN -x
Limit search to filenames matching a pattern -G --file-search-regex
Search hidden files --hidden --hidden
File inclusion/exclusion ack ag git-grep GNU grep rg
Search only files of a given type --type=X --X (where X is a filetype) --X (where X is a filetype) -t --type
Exclude files of a given type --type=noX --noX (where X is a filetype) -T --type-not
Recurse into subdirectories -r -R --[no-]recurse -r --recurse -r --recursive
Recurse into subdirectories, following symlinks -R --dereference-recursive
No descending into subdirectories -n --no-recurse -n --norecurse
Add/remove directory from list of ignored dirs --[no-]ignore-dir --ignore-dir
Don't respect ignore files (.gitignore, .ignore, etc) --no-ignore --no-ignore-parent --no-ignore-vcs
Ignore files larger than a given size --max-filesize
Specify files to search --include -g --glob --iglob
Ignore files/directories matching --ignore --exclude --exclude-from --exclude-dir --ignore-file
Add filter for ignoring files --ignore-file
Include only files of types that ack recognizes -k --known-types
Follow symlinks --[no-]follow -f --follow -L --follow
Don't follow links to other devices --one-device --devices=skip
Search all types of files -a --all-types
Limit directory search depth --depth --max-depth --maxdepth
Search binary files --binary
Treat files as binary -U --binary
Don't search in binary files -I
Treat binary files as if they were text -a --text -a --text
Search all text files -t --all-text
Search all files -u --unrestricted -u --unrestricted
Skip rules found in VCS ignore files (.gitignore, .hgignore, etc) -U --skip-vcs-ignores --exclude-standard
File type specification ack ag git-grep GNU grep rg
Create a filetype, replacing the previous specs --type-set
Add specifications to an existing filetype --type-add --type-add
Remove a file type --type-del --type-clear
Ignore default type definitions --ignore-ack-defaults
Display all known types --help-types --list-file-types --type-list
Miscellaneous ack ag git-grep GNU grep rg
Print all lines, whether matching or not --passthru --passthrough
Outputs a default ackrc for your customization to standard output --create-ackrc
Dump information on which options are loaded --dump
Specify a configuration file to use --ackrc
Ignore environment variables and global configuration files --env
Treat standard input as a pipe --[no-]filter
Search contents of compressed files (e.g. gzip) -z --search-zip -z --search-zip
Specify input file encoding -E --encoding